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Smart Water Management Platform

Water supply meter real-time monitoring and dispatching system

Management online meter (including bulk water meter, flow meter, pressure meter, turbidity meter, residual chlorine, PH meter, and fire hydrants, etc.), real-time monitoring, data acquisition and analysis management, timely find large consumer abnormal uses water and water meter run anomaly, etc., real-time monitoring analysis of pipeline pressure, water, fire water, etc., discover the operation of water supply pipe network from deep level.


Introduction Parameter


System achievement

1. Effective management of online meter

Real-time monitoring of online meter’s data and status in the monitoring area, real-time alarm of abnormal conditions, and scheduling process, to achieve effective management of online meter.

2. Strengthen management of water meter

Timely find metering faults and water consumption rules, effectively reduce water leakage, monitor the minimum flow rate at night (0-6 o’clock), provide the basis for leakage investigation.

3. Diameter matching analysis

Real-time monitoring of water consumption, timely detection of water consumption problems, display the working conditions of the meter, to achieve the diameter and model selection matching analysis.

4. Locate the leak detection point

Display the changes of water quantity and pressure data in the monitoring area, display the distribution of pipe network and all monitoring equipment in the monitoring area through map display mode, actively implement pipe network leak detection, and locate the range of leak point.